Jennie Azoulai, President & Chief Moxie Officer

Often described as a Renaissance woman, given her diverse range of talents, Jennie embodies the perfect harmony between unbridled innovation and practical manifestation. Her combined interests, academic achievements, globetrotting and professional ambitions led her to adventures in law, acting, writing, fine-arts, teaching and public speaking. As a true creative-analytical hybrid, Jennie found her niche in the realm of branding, marketing, conceptual design and audience engagement, where she applies her eclectic savvy with a refreshing fluidity.

Lior Azoulai, Creative Director & CEO

Lior Azoulai is a highly experienced art director, brand architect, graphic designer, architectural designer and fine artist. Born in Israel but raised around the world, Lior was exposed to a multitude of visually rich and diverse cultures and design sensibilities—from the pop-art and modernism movements of the Western world while living in Paris and New York, to the intricately ornate and intensely colorful expressions of the Eastern world while living in India and Cambodia, to the blend of East meets West.

Sasha Hefler,
VP of Marketing & Public Relations
Sasha’s multifaceted interests, ranging from athletics to politics, in tandem with her acute strategic ability, led her to excel in many pursuits. From high-level marketing, public relations and communication game plans, to real estate and even semi-pro tennis, Sasha always brings her A-game. As the mastermind behind multi-million dollar marketing campaigns on an international scale, Sasha’s infuses her blueprints with industry best practices, cultural influences while artfully keeping her eye on the bottom-line.
Cindy Dolgoff,
Art Director
Demonstrating an organic, artistic ability and interest, Cindy began taking art classes at the age of five. Though formally trained in drawing, painting, pastels, charcoals and photography, Cindy discovered her passion for graphic design in college. After graduating from Rider University, Cindy embarked on her branding and design career. She joins Team moxie with some 20 years of New York City agency experience, along with her passion for traveling, knitting and reading Harry Potter novels.
Bryan Hayes,
Director, Business Development
Bryan Hayes hails from a small town in Wyoming, South of Devils Tower National Monument. While obtaining his undergraduate degree in social science at the University of Wyoming, he worked in a coal mine as a haul truck driver. Bryan embraced both contrasting experiences of higher education with traditional blue collar labor. Indeed, through his collective experiences, he further cultivated his innate talent to communicate with a diverse range of individuals. He enjoys recognition as a public speaker and published author, notably in the renowned Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Stories for a Better World.
Melissa Warner,
Communications & Project Manager
Always up for a challenge, and pushing her limits, Melissa has surpassed 1200 Orangetheory classes and 2 NPC bikini-level bodybuilding competitions. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University, Melissa brought her talents and skillsets to the table in verticals ranging from legal to construction to retail. Consistent with her elevation mindset and competitive edge, as a Team moxie Communications and Project Manager, Melissa continually raises the bar on deliverables and deadlines.
Kyle Cherry,
Media and Logistics Specialist
Kyle Cherry is a seasoned video and audio production professional, as well as an event logistics specialist with a 20-year track record in the industry. He specializes in media production for both retail and corporate media coverage and their related logistics. Kyle is highly committed to cultivating strong client relations and is known for his dedication and expertise. He approaches his work with meticulous attention to detail and is trusted as a reliable professional in the field.
Austina Alexis,
Director, Design Technology
While Austina hails from the Caribbean, she honed her architectural and design skills in New York and then further polished them in San Francisco. Her wide variety of multidisciplinary interests reflects as a fusion of influences in her work. Inspired by computers at a very young age, coupled with her love of the arts, have fueled her career as a design technologist. Engaging skills from industrial and architectural design to graphic design and coding, she avidly discovers solutions to the design needs of today’s evolving technological world.

Some featured clients who recognize the value we add to their brand​

We aim to please!

“Moxie can accomplish the impossible with ease. They created and delivered custom pens with less than 2 days notice. Excellent attention to customer needs. Moxie always presented me with such appropriate merchandise, that selection is a pleasure. Wide variety of high-end items. Moxie never ceases to surprise the recipient with a great product.”

Dr. Keith Fisher
Keith Fisher, DDS, New York

Jennie and moxie have done work for my charity golf outing for the NY Brain Tumor Project for 3 years now. Jennie has found the perfect items for me at the right price, and most importantly worked under almost impossible deadline constraints to get things to me on time. She has been available around the clock, on weekends and even through child birth. In addition, Jennie has been a wonderful supporter and friend of the charity through her donations of her time and products.

Wendy Pflaum
Project Leader, NY Brain Tumor Project, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York

Whenever I've needed help with marketing or advertising, I've turned to moxie. Their support was more like a good friend giving advice and direction rather than a regular business transaction. I like that kind of support.

Bob Parrinello
Retail Sales Manager, DUX Interiors, Inc., New York

I think the two things that set you [moxie] apart from others is the breadth of quality merchandise and your customer service. You [moxie] always go the extra mile to help us out!.

Kathy Noble
Vice President, The Alumni Association, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Our design project and the mailing of it were handled by the talented, friendly staff of moxie. Stellar marketing ideas, reasonable pricing, and cross-trained employees give us a reason to return and are what puts moxie in a class by itself.

Ruth Bradford
Office Manager, Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders, Washington, DC

Jennie is a very creative, 'out of the box' thinker in terms of goods and services. I have seen her work in a variety of situations, and she really knows how to deliver on what she promises, and she goes the extra mile (or 10!) in all she does. I would highly recommend using her not just for sourcing premium items and giveaways, but for her creative input that can lead to more business success.

Marcia Nelson
Senior Vice President, Business Development, FMV Opinions, Inc., New York

“Moxie has always provided us with great ideas and more importantly, the ability to deliver to us within the necessary time frame… Knowing the clients style and offering options outside the norm to make a great impression…”

Nancy Cacchioli
Executive Assistant, DUX Interiors, Inc. New York

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